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Never mind broken Britain what about my toaster

Built in obsolescence ?

This is the email sent in by Tony and we think its going to have a lot of mileage. We've posted it in full, as its pretty much the sort of thing that we mutter about in the pub.

"Have you bought a kettle, toaster, microwave, washing machine, etc. lately ? (don't answer, you've probably bought several due to the old (new) one breaking). It occurs to me that the silly, old-fashioned notion of buying something that would last a lifetime, or at least a good few years, belongs in the same category as decent newspaper editors, honest politicians and movies with a storyline."

What lasts and what doesn't ?

Obviously this can depend on the brand, but we're pretty sure there are some things that are consistently poorly made and others that have got better over the years. So here's a couple of lists.

Please feel free to comment at the bottom of the page. We'll add to the lists as we go along.

Products that fall apart or don't last very long

Trendy teen school bags.
("No I don't want a rucksack"). Our daughter went through 3 in as many months. Simple bad design with no proper reinforcements for the weight coming through the handles.

Products that seem to last longer

Not all of them obviously, but in general, especially rust proofing. Some of us remember the Vauxhall shovit, the Viva rust bucket and the collapsible front corners of the Allegro !
(The only problem is you can't DIY faults very easily any more)

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