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Fat Cat Scrooges give surprise Christmas Cheer

If you've watched Secret Millionaire on TV, then it gives you a bit of faith that some very well off people are prepared to give a little back to those who are much less fortunate. Of course there are also a good number of 'invisible' givers to charity amongst the well off.

Now, out of the blue, it appears that groups of directors from well known companies are setting an example by giving up bonuses and salary increases, in a wide demonstration of social responsibility. No external pressure seems to have been applied.

As yet, those involved have not chosen to be in the limelight, but apparently a significant number of FTSE 100 directors are involved.

A spokesman for one group said: "Quite honestly, I don't need my bonus or even the salary hike. I've got a great house, 3 cars including one Classic and I can afford to holiday anywhere. I just woke up one morning and thought enough was enough."

"We're hoping that by setting this example and making this more common, it will become a trend and other directors will simply follow it. That's half the battle; making it the acceptable norm, so that others don't feel they are breaking ranks."

Asked what was happening to the money, another director explained: "We're asking employees what they think we should do with it. Initially we thought we would just reallocate into the payroll, but it appears our employees are keener to have it donated to charities... which kind of puts us to shame a little for previously banking it!"

Its too serious to be an April Fool

Sorry folks, unfortunately I was just day-dreaming that this would happen. You never know of course.

What staggers me is that out of all the directors in the country, there only seem to have been a handful who have voluntarily given up their excesses.

Are they all really THAT greedy ?

Surely reaching the top of an organisation doesn't turn nearly all of them into money-grabbing selfish hoarders ?

Come on directors somewhere. Restore my faith in human nature.

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