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Somewhere in the last 20 years we got so guilty and hung up about diet, that we no longer seem able to call a spade a spade when it comes to indulgent food; except perhaps on Masterchef where every other pudding seems to include what to some perpetually food-anxious people must seem like the recipe for an instant heart attack ?

On the other hand we've now got food producers desperately trying to avoid any connection with anything remotely 'unhealthy', to the extent that simple pleasures are no longer presented as such.

Is corporate sponsorship designed to somehow trick us into thinking that an indulgent pleasure is actually not an indulgent pleasure.

Lets remember, sponsorship is NOT philanthropy. Chocolate companies sponsoring marathons is disingenuous. What's the problem with just saying "this is really nice indulgent stuff - but don't eat too much of it".

Its no good doing the obligatory "as part of a calorie controlled diet" text, while at the same time trying to associate chocolate with the very highest levels of aerobic fitness.

Its sponsorship for a reason. Please remember the reason and keep real.

"Are you telling people what to do again on that blog ?"
"No, I'm just suggesting things"
"Well you don't just suggest things in this house - I bet you're being dogmatic again"
"Well they don't have to take any notice"
"You'll upset your friends"
"Well if I don't get my round in yes; but I don't think the blog will bother them"
"Yeah, they know what you're like don't they"
"Thank you for that"

Other sponsors

MacDonalds to sponsor cardboard. (Think about it !)

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