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House Renovation goes full circle

Celebrity Houses have large rooms

So, you too can feel famous by knocking down as many interior walls as you can in your property, to give the illusion of space. While you're at it, paint it all white to look bigger as well. Never mind the inert clinical feel.

Anyway, I would put a bet on the whole thing going full circle (as things do in fashion) and there will soon be a rush of people putting interior walls back into their houses.

Not the least of the reasons for this, is that the prospect of your children ever leaving home is fast disappearing into the distance as a result of house price inflation and the credit crunch. So we're going to have to find some space for them, or at least some separate space.

Cue the replacement of interior walls to create more rooms. Of course, they'll be specially built walls to defend against the drumming bass and the noise created by 10 teens having a party in a room that's only 15 feet square.

I can forsee a whole new business area here, of builders specialising in custom-designed walls, complicated door arrangements and so on.

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