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Ready-mix screenwash, Bottled water

Gallons of water moved around the country

Ridiculous. What's the problem with mixing concentrate and water 1:5 dilution ?
People who can't follow the directions on the bottle shouldn't be driving anyway.

What's that ? Sensitive hands. Well wear gloves then.

Millions of gallons more

Bottled water. Tons of it using up petrol and battering the roads with its weight.

OK, so medical conditions aside what on earth are we doing ?

"The water from the tap tastes funny"

Try living in one of the countries where you've donated £3 to help a child stay alive then.

"I always carry a bottle around in case I get thirsty"

Oh, now that's a real tricky one....

Tell you what, buy a bottle then go to the amazingly innovative step of saving it, washing it out and filling it with tap water.

"I need to know that the water I drink doesn't contain any nasties".
No actually you need to get a life.
This country has spent gazillions in providing drinkable safe water.

"My Dad once drank some water from a tap and it came out a funny colour"
"Go away".

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