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Template for typed Christmas letters

Feel free to copy this and use it next Christmas

It would be nice if everyone could send one of these to people who send them a typed 'update' letter at Christmas...

Dear Louise and Frank (it is Frank isn't it ?),

Sorry I haven't been in contact recently, but quite honestly I'd forgotton that I ever had you as a friend. Now that its Christmas again, I'm feeling a bit guilty and I know that you've probably been wondering what has happened in my world and whether our lovely children have been piling on success after success at school.

As it happens they have. Hermione now has 123 GCSE's of one sort or another and it looks like she is heading to Uni to do internet studies with philosophy. Clearly destined to be the next Steve Jobs ! Meanwhile James is attending an academy in Russia for incredibly talented students of cultural diversity and politics, so we're expecting that he will gravitate towards some sort of journalism.

Brian (you remember Brian my hubby) has taken 5 years out of work to climb the Himalayas on one leg - he's always loved his adventures as you know.

Its been funny old year healthwise. First of all I got pneumonia after a visit to Sainsburys - I think I spent too long looking at all those wonderful ready meals in the chilled section. So that put me in hospital for a week or so. Jamie Oliver is quite clearly to blame, although I love him dearly.

Then I reversed into a bollard outside school picking up James junior and got a whiplash injury that put me back in hospital. Jeremy says that I probably have a case against the council because the bollard didn't have any warnings on it that it would damage your car.

We've extended our garden in the new house out into the golf course as they were selling off a corner of it; think it cost a million or so, Jeremy sorted that out. Only a small area really, just enough to move the stables and put in a couple of tennis courts.

Anyway, that's enough about me, I think I've exceeded the wordcount in your letter. So there.

Yours smugly,


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